Let Your Voice Be Heard

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Letter-Writing Tips

To ensure that Ohio students receive the best education that prepares them for success and improves the quality of life and business climate for all Ohioans, we need the support of our state’s legislators. By writing to your legislators, you can help them better understand the challenges Ohio’s education system faces and how Ohio’s Learning Standards are designed to help us pave the way for the future.

Writing a letter or email is one of the most effective ways to garner the support of your legislators for Ohio’s Learning Standards. Visit the following websites, and enter your zip code to obtain contact information for your local legislator:

Ohio House of Representatives

Ohio Senate

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

Here are a few pointers to help as you reach out to elected officials:

  1. Keep the communication brief and action-oriented. Include what you would like your legislator to do (i.e., show their support for Ohio's Learning Standards).
  2. Address the letter to “The Honorable" (fill in the name of your state representative or state senator).
  3. Tell the legislator who you are, including your name and occupation, if relevant, and always include your contact information (i.e., full name, address, email, and phone number) so they can respond to you.
  4. Include why you are writing and why the issue is important to you. Share any personal stories you have related to education challenges in Ohio.
  5. Send the letter to multiple legislators who have an interest in education. If appropriate consider national officials as well.

Don’t sit back. Let your voice be heard by:

  1. Contacting us at info@TheOHStandard.org if you are willing to write to a legislator and need help. 
  2. Sending us a quote about why you support the standards or posting your message on Youtube and sharing with us at info@TheOHStandard.org.
  3. Writing to or calling legislators to urge them to read Ohio's Learning Standards. If your legislators support Ohio's Learning Standards, contact them to say “thank you” and urge them to remain steadfast in their support.