Strong Candidates, Strong Future

Employers are looking for candidates that bring a competitive edge to companies. Ohio’s Learning Standards ensure students have practical experience applying math, reading, and writing skills to real-world scenarios. Ohio’s Learning Standards:

  • Emphasize the ability to effectively collaborate, communicate, and tackle challenges in teams.
  • Help employers hire qualified young people.
  • Build sophisticated skills that help us grow the future leaders for Ohio companies.

To learn more, read this op-ed by Ohio Business Roundtable President and CEO Richard Stoff here.

Standards help us measure whether the job of education is getting done. We’ve seen the consequence of low standards:  students who don’t learn and therefore aren’t ready to succeed in life. With the new standards, we are giving Ohio students a chance they too often haven’t had in the past. Download Pocket Card with Fast Facts.

Take a look at this August 8, 2013 Newsday op-ed by Thomas Donohue (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) and John Engler (Business Roundtable) on the impact of the Common Core:

Common Core could save our schools and our economy

Shared Support

Many are not aware of the bipartisan nature of Common Core support. A news story by Lyndsey Layton in The Washington Post (Leaders of teachers union, business group join to support Common Core standards, Dec. 18, 2013) described collaboration between education and business leaders on this front as follows:

The head of the country’s second-largest teachers union and a business leader who tried to weaken unions as a onetime governor of Michigan have made a joint plea to the nation’s governors to stand by the controversial Common Core academic standards.

Read the letter from the Business Roundtable’s John Engler and American Federation of Teachers’ Randi Weingarten here.

Grade-by-Grade Guides

Employers will be interested in new Parent Guides to Student Success for English Language Arts and mathematics, co-developed by the National and Ohio PTAs with input from The Ohio Standard. Each guide offers an example of the new standards and the knowledge and skills children will gain by grade level, as well as activities parents can do to reinforce learning at home.