Today, students are learning math at deeper levels. Math is being taught differently now because we are no longer teaching kids how to “just do,” we are teaching them how to think, which prepares them for success in higher level math.

Given this focus on deeper learning, it’s not surprising that your child’s learning may look different than how you learned. Because of this, we are providing a variety of math resources to help you help your child with his or her homework.

Math homework can be tough. But just like athletes train for the big game, students are finding the strength to solve math problems in different ways. The Common Core helps students think creatively and critically about math, instead of just memorizing facts and procedures.

Curious about Common Core math? We’ve gathered some useful resources for parents so you can see for yourself how Common Core is helping your child build (and flex!) his or her math muscles.

Math is not only about finding the answer quickly, it’s also about understanding the why behind the answer.

Check out these math help videos.

We regularly post materials from other sources that further educate students, parents, educators, and employers about Ohio’s Learning Standards. Check back often for more resources!